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Inspiring Young-Stars educational project




collecté sur un objectif de $5 000,00

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I am raising money for the inspiring young-stars after-school educational project. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $ 10 or $100s. Every little bit helps in toughing and inspiring the life of poor children in their local communities.

Did you know that in The Gambia, over half of parents are illiterate? and unable to adequately support their children with homework or basic educational pursuits; the social settings are not conducive for after-school studies, parents have little time for after school sessions. Further, the literacy rate for women is 34% compared to 51% for men (World Bank, 2014). This has severely limited educational attainment levels and life chances for youth, especially girls, in my community. As a result many youngsters struggle to pass exams and end up school drop-outs.

Inspiring young-stars project is a charitable organization with the mission to seek, create, find, and support educational programs that inspired children and young people specially girls to become lifelong independent learners. Our aim is to create save and friendly environment, where young people can explore educational resources and improve their potentials.

We have a library center where children can explore educational resources and improve their potentials and inspired develops young people’s passion and love for reading that motivates them to reach a book on a regular basis. Encourage children to embrace their role as society’s humanitarians and change agents. We aim to support needy children in their education by providing scholarship and sponsorship packages. fostering and inspiring young people in their education by providing support in their education through provision of school fees, uniforms, bags, shoes, books, pencils and other related resources

We are looking for donation of 5000 US dollars to upgrade the library, and install a good computer system that will help the children to have access to technology and learn the basic skills of computing and foundation to cording programs.


You contribution will be a life changing moment for these young-stars.

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