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Je dois financer mon projet agrobusiness au Kenya




collecté sur un objectif de $3 000,00

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Seeking $ 3,000 agri-business funding

Je suis Dennis Koome Gitonga, a Kenyan youth, 27 years. A graduate from MOI UNIVERSITY with a Bachelors of Education, 2016. I am a passionate farmer doing some small-scale butternut farming. This explains my first choice degree course at the university which was Agribusiness with Management but I ended up in the school of education.t. I am from Buuri Sub County in Meru County but currently based at MITUNGUU in IMENTI SOUTH constituency in MERU. Having stayed at this renowned banana production area for close to two years, I have come to discover the hidden fortunes in this fruit. I have gained quite an experience from a friends’ farm on how to grow and proper management of the crop to maturity. Being a banana-producing zone, many companies have established here who purchase the produce in thousands of metric tonnes, ferry and sell in Mombasa, Marsabit etc.

Banana is one of the most common fruits in the Kenyan market. It also forms one of the significant traditional delicacies in our society.

I have 2-acre piece of land with plenty of water from a nearby river.


Having interacted with several expert farmers, who have been in business for more than a decade, I am prompted to write this proposal to acquire funding to help me as a youth as well as provide job opportunities to my fellow youths around.


Owing to the fact that Bananas are also prone to pest and diseases such as nematodes, and fungal diseases such as sigatoka and bacterial wilt, I intend to use the tissue cultured banana plantlets raised by KARLO Kenya which are pest and disease free. en outre, they provide much higher yields compared to traditional varieties.

Tissues cultured bananas are raised using technology by generating them from roots, leaves or stems in controlled and sterilized conditions. I shall plant the ‘Uganda Green’ variety.


  1. Fast maturing compared to conventional bananas. Takes approximately 310 days (10 months) to old varieties taking 15months to 2 years.
  2. They are pest and disease free.
  3. They have a very high yield


The farm is prepared by digging up planting holes of 1.5ft x1.5ft x2ft depth. The 2ft depth is attributed to holding moisture for a long time as well as to hold nutrients for the plant. The planting holes are dug 3m by 3m so as to accommodate 430 plants in an acre.


Well decomposed manure is mixed with topsoil at the rate of 6kg per planting hole. A 1ft allowance is left out on the depth for holding water and mulch. A smaller hole is dug inside and the banana plantlet is planted there. The plant is watered with about 40 litres of water.


The crop takes 8 – 9 months to flower after which it takes 2 – 3 months to harvesting. An average tissue cultured banana under good agricultural management can weigh 30kgs and above. At the time of harvesting, there is always another sucker which will have flowered and due in a month’s time.


Bananas have a very ready market than any other plant. In my locality, there are well-established companies which sort after farmers to buy their produce. They have trucks that collect bananas from the farm. One of the most preferred companies buys every banana bunch at $6.5. There are others who buy per kilogram.




860 planting holes

50/ hole


860 tissue cultured plantlets




1 lorry full


Water pump




2” 1”


Labour/ planting

5 men


Fuel (not needed during rains)


Farm operations










*An acre to hold 430 plants hence 860 dans 2 acres


With the farm holding 860 plants, I intend to harvest in phases. Even if we have a buyer over here buying at $6.5 per head, I intend to calculate at the price of $4 per head. And assuming 60 plants spoil. I am left with 800 good plants for sale. Assuming I harvest 140 mature bananas per harvest, with subsequent harvests after 2 weeks.

1st harvest -140 plants x $4 = $560

2Dakota du Nord harvest (after 2 weeks) -140 plants x $4 = $560

3e harvest (after another 2 weeks) -140 plants x $4 = $560

4rth harvest (after another 2 weeks) -140 plants x $4 = $560

5e harvest (after another 2 weeks) -140 plants x $4 = $560

Total = $ 2,800

This is the 1st harvesting cycle which lasts 2 mois. After the 5e harvest, the cycle repeats itself, considering the place I harvested during the 1st harvest, another banana will have matured.

Avec $ 2,800 income from the 1st harvesting cycle, means in 6 cycles in a year, I will have sold $16,800


I intend to repay my loan as soon as I make the 1st sale. toutefois, I will be engaging in butternut farming with matures in 21/2 months which returns, I will be repaying some instalments before the main crop matures. toutefois, I would plead for some grace period before I start repaying.

I believe, even with half of the projected income realised, I can clear the entire loan amount in the first 3 months of harvest.


It’s a good venture. Less risk of crop failure. Again, I will engage high-level agricultural experts to visit the farm every month to give advice. If I could get the funding, I will be enabled to realize my dreams as a hardworking Kenyan youth.

I would plead with any interested private investor to fund my idea. My contacts are

Cell: 0717648326

Email: dennisgitonga2919@gmail.com

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