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From a few years ago we met a lot of craftsmen who spend many hours and make a lot of effort in harsh conditions and bad environment to make great products but they still live a poor life and suffer every day in order to survive. that painful picture of the live of many crafters and they are making all those efforts but At the end of the day, they do not get suitable income to keep their needs and their families needs. that picture was stucked in our minds and controlled our thinking every day. We tried very hard to find an idea to help those people who have handmade skills to improve their incomes.

finaly we found a creative idea to help crafters we founded “craft store” a platform with a big number of our traditional so modern products, a platform that is easy to access safe to order from and affordable

It’s also a marketing window for all small businesses and startup handcrafters with great projects to showcase on “”

We now have a great base of talented entrepreneurs from all over Sudan, a country full of human resources and great minds that can achieve outstanding things with the right attention and support

Craft Store will be of great benefits for the community in terms of job creation and source of employment and thus an income for families in addition to training and qualifying craftsmen for high efficiency production.

In addition to benefiting from waste materials and creating innovative products of a value.

Craft Store is not only a marketing platform but it is also have an educational and training department that development craftsmen and artisans with a great knowledge and skill (do not give me a fish but teach me how to fish).

We believe in craft Store and its usefulness to the craft market and craftsmen and the community as a whole and we seek to create it with the best standers and highest quality and for our success we need funding for applying workshops to train and qualify craftsmen, in addition to set up a small craft workshop and to expand and spread the project internationally and to make maximum use of resources.

Our vision for the future is to apply this idea throughout Africa to contribute to the improvement of its economy through optimal utilization of available resources and diverse cultures

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