Reconstitution of mangroves on 2500 Hectares in southern Benin




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Time's Up

Dear friends and family, after an investigation on the vegetative aspect of the mangroves of southern Benin, the report is dramatic and concerns us all, sons and daughters of Benin, Africa and the whole world. After this unfortunate observation that reveals a blackcurrant total destruction of mangroves in southern Benin, and given our commitment to participate in the adaptation and mitigation of the adverse effects of climate change, also in the objective of achieving the objectives Sustainable Development (SDG), I can not help but think about how to bring our modest support to the reconstruction of this mangrove endangered very advanced …

Benin is one of the countries that is suffering from the effects of climate change, despite the fact that it is not a gas emitter, the project Reforestation of 2,000,000 mangrove plants on Mivafunding is to provide a safe space for all people to help these surrounding populations in the southern part of Benin to the large mangrove reforestation campaign which has an estimated CO2 absorption capacity of 20% in the atmosphere and the NGO YOUTH SERVICE AFRICA (YSA) commits to change that. Your donation will save lives of the living people in this mangrove area.

Did you know that for only $ 10 YOUTH SERVICE AFRICA (YSA) can buy a mangrove plant that will reduce the CO2 level in the atmosphere and intensify the plant cover of southern Benin? Join us by donating $ 1 for every hour that you (or a loved one) are at work. The environment is our common good and we must maintain it and protect it whatever our position on the land, hygiene and a healthy environment avoid disease, participate massively in this great reforestation campaign that will benefit all world.

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