Pledge to give monthly to end class retention and school drop out in TOGO




raised of a $100,000.00 goal

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The main goal for implementing the after free school tutoring programs is to alleviate student’s multi retention in the same class, loss of interest for going to school especially with the girls and students coming from poor family. In Togo’s education system, student can be retained in the same class at least for two years or more. Therefore many children are left behind in the academic process. The education system is set up in way that student has to perform well in all subjects in order to pass an exam.
Togo’s education system is no longer able to meet the expectations of the majority of the students and the teachers at any level. It causes some student to drop out of school.
This situation affects obviously the parents who are wasting resources same as the government.

Making a monthly gift to Baza Education as little as $5 a month—can help pay for a private tutor that will help our students pass their classes with honor.

  • $5 will pay for 1 tutor per class
  • $10 will pay for 2 tutors per class
  • $20 will pay for 1 Coordinator per month
  • $50 will pay for 10 tutors per class
  • $100 will pay for a scholarship for 1 street kid per a year

We have 115 tutors on rotation and 15 coordinators on payroll serving in 15 Villages in Togo. Baza Education uses this program to also solve graduates unemployment in the country by training and transforming unemployed university graduates into capable paid passionate teachers to help tutor these kids. Baza Coordinators are retired teachers and educators that provide guidance and counsel to younger tutors. These retired professors and educators help pass the torch to a vibrant new generation. We also have 105 street kids on our scholarship program since 2013.

We will send you a quarterly report about how we use your monthly giving.
Together we are changing lives one child at the time.


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