the nutritional health of 1000 children aged 0 to 05 and 250 pregnant women




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Malnutrition is one of the causes of child mortality in Africa, the Moringa project for the nutritional health of children on Mivafunding is to provide a safe space for children in the countryside and villages to access the dietary supplements that moringa oleifera , thousands of children are dying of vitamin deficiencies and the NGO YOUTH SERVICE AFRICA (YSA) is committed to changing this.


Thousands of children in villages and rural areas are dying because of lack of vitamins in their diet. The infant-juvenile mortality rate (160 deaths per 1,000 births) means that 16% of children born die before their fifth birthday. This rate is also in the average of the rates calculated for the countries of sub-Saharan Africa studied. Malnutrition is an important factor of mortality in many young children. Even a child who suffers from moderate malnutrition can die.


This project will provide village populations with:

– The information necessary for the nutrition of children,

– Educate families and mothers about how to associate moringa with children’s food and the nutrients they should look for children,

– establishment of moringa oleifera units in each house,

– To supply the populations in moringa powder, moringa seeds, oil, Savo, moringa biscuits, moringa, moringa capsules etc ….

– Installation of a free distribution center for all products derived from moringa.

Long-term impact

The long-term impacts of the project are:

– A population of 136,000 will be able to feed children with moringa,

– 1000 mothers and 530 sensitized families will feed children with foods containing moringa nutrients,

– Moringa oleifera units are installed in each house,

– adoption usually to eat moringa leaves, moringa leaf powder, moringa seeds,

– The populations participate in the free distribution center for all products derived from moringa.

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