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Hello, my name is Chefiatou Falana and I am the creator of Ke’efa. I am originally from Togo, West Africa but currently living in the US with my 7 years old daughter Kekeli.

Ke’efa is a clothing line, and the word Ke’efa means Light and Peace.

Ke’efa is a combination of two mina words: Kekeli ( Light) and Ntifafa ( Peace). Mina is one of the dialects spoken in Togo. Growing up in Togo, I was always fascinated by fashion. Unfortunately when I came to the US, this dream died because reality kicked in. I became a single mother. I had to sacrifice everything to invest in my child. As a single mother it is not always easy to follow your dream and care for your child.

My life journey as a single mother was my source of inspiration. And my daughter’s name could not have been the best choice for this unique creation. In a recent article by, it was said that 17.4 millions are raised by single mothers and Ke’efa vision is to assist 3 single mothers at a time, by helping them further their education and to fulfill their dream as an entrepreneur.

Here in my community, I have helped some single mothers and I am looking into doing more by creating a pitch contest which will award 3 winners with different prizes to start their dreams to reach success. The winners will be assigned paid Business coaches will to teach these mothers how to have a successful business.

The money raised will be used for Ke’efa clothing production, Paid Instructors, Pitch context Prizes, Flyers printing.

I believe that when you have people supporting you, the load is half shared. I started this journey because there are people who believed I can make a change. And together, I believe we can make a change a single mother’s life one at a time. Your support to this cause, is a change itself. You can help this cause by donating and sharing this cause with your friends, posting on social medias, sharing in your community, church, organization. You can also help by buying a ke’efa items at Thank you for your support.

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