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3Backers$25.00raised of a $5,000.00 goalTime’s Up Crowdfunding Campaign Pitch Migo Ranch & Farms is a small organic farming startup business founded in 2017 in Kenya. The startup is spearheaded by three childhood friends who are passionate about the need for […]

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raised of a $5,000.00 goal

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Crowdfunding Campaign Pitch

Migo Ranch & Farms is a small organic farming startup business founded in 2017 in Kenya. The startup is spearheaded by three childhood friends who are passionate about the need for vegetable consumers to have access to safe, healthy, and tasty vegetables.

We as startup business partners have identified a serious problem with the quality of vegetables sold on the Kenyan market.

Over 80% of the vegetables contain a high level of chemical residue. This is the direct result of the continued use of synthetic fertilizer and chemical pesticides in the production of the vegetables. Most vegetable also contain heavy metals because they are produced along rivers that are heavily polluted.

While we appreciate the fact that the use of synthetic fertilizer leads to increased produce, wrong use of the same is often catastrophic.

The result is and continues to be the occurrence of serious diseases. Unfortunately, it is not only the consumers who are at risk of developing such serious diseases. Farmers who continue to use synthetic fertilizer and chemical pesticides face similar risks as well.

We as startup business partners have the vision to disrupt the production, distribution, and sale of vegetables on the Kenyan market. We introduce the CrowdFarm model of farming to mitigate against the risks associated with the use of chemicals on farms.

The farming model involves the recruitment and training of rural-based peasant farmers in organic farming techniques, herbal gardening, and vermiculture.

Training in organic farming techniques will equip the farmers with the knowledge on how to use their farms in a sustainable way. While training in herbal gardening will introduce the farmers to the growing of herbal plants used to formulate natural pesticides (bio-pesticides), the training in vermiculture will introduce them to worm farming for the production of natural high-quality fertilizer (vermicompost and vermitea).

All the farmers we recruit and train will be allocated to different groups. The groups will, in turn, be allocated different types of vegetables to produce on their own farms under our close supervision and advice.

We (the business) will purchase all the products by the farmers for marketing and sale to target customers.

We set out to be the preferred producer and marketer of fresh organic vegetables both in Kenya and the East African region.

We have successfully piloted our venture on a 3-acre farm and 10 individual farmers. We now want to recruit and train more farmers. This is the only way that we will disrupt the market profitably.

We also have the long-term vision to be the preferred processor of certified organic vegetables in Kenya and the region within the next 5 years.

We have undertaken three market research studies that have been very fruitful and informative. We have not only identified the existing demand for organic vegetables in the local market but have also identified our potential customers.

We the partners behind the business are hands-on individuals. We are trained and are qualified organic farmers. We will be actively involved in the daily operations of the business to ensure that we realize our business dream.

We are not only trained in organics. We have received quality entrepreneurship training provided by SEED ( We have also received business capacity building training provided by Bridges for Enterprise (, a society at the University of Cambridge.

We are now out crowdfunding to raise startup capital amounting to $5,000. We come to you to help us reach our target.

We have budgeted to use received funds as follows;

Item @ Cost
3 x 10,000 liter water tanks 500.00 1,500.00
50 x 2’’ x 10 meter irrigation pipes 10.00 500.00
Farmer recruitment and training expenses 1,000.00
100 x Vermiculture units 1,000.00
Assorted farming equipment and tools 1,000.00
Total 5,000.00

We implore you to chip in to help us secure the necessary startup capital.

We have the knowledge, experience, the motivation and entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in what we have set out to achieve.

We thank you.

Bank Details:

UBA Kenya Bank Limited

A/C Name: Migo Ranch & Farms

A/C No: 55030160003087

Branch: Upper Hill

Branch Code: 5503

Swift Code: UNAFKENA

Whatsapp: (254)733856330

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