One loaf of Bread sold provides better education to orphans in Africa




raised of a $50,000.00 goal

Time's Up

Name of the project: Baza Baza Bakery (BBB)

Date to start: 12 November 2018

Location: Adetsikope Lome

Executive Summary

Poverty is an unacceptable human condition. While it can be reduced through public policy and action, promoting individual and community-based social development coupled with a better education and real economic opportunities can effectively eliminate it.

Baza Baza Corporation is entering a new era. Real change comes from empowering individuals not only with better education but also with the capacity to use, maintain, earn income and become self-sustainable individuals.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a Bakery called “Baza Baza Bakery” also referred to as “BBB” that will help sustain the different actions and Programs of Baza Education in Togo. The left overs of the bread will be donated to orphanages

General objectives and specific objectives

I-General Objective:

Put in place a Bakery Project in Togo in order to help Baza Education grow toward long-term self-sufficiency for all its programs.

Engage Baza Kids to partake in the Bakery Project in order to catalyze self-sustaining growth and break the cycle of poverty but also to teach them valuable workforce skills and economic responsibility.

II- Specific Objectives:

  • Generate revenue to pay Baza Education tutors and Coordinators
  • Generate revenue to pay the scholarship and school supplies for Baza students
  • Enroll Families with kids in the Baza Programs to earn some income through re-selling the products from the bakery in the community. This will

Make them less vulnerable and will increase their role in local governance structures and collective decision-making.

  • Enroll Baza Boys and Girls to help at the bakery thereby teaching them valuable work skills and economic responsibility.
  • Use the bread from the bakery to feed kids at Baza orphanages
  • Expand the bakery to orphanages all around the country


Company Summary

Since 2012 Baza Baza Corporation has been on its journey helping orphans, widows and kids from poor families acquire quality education. This program called Baza education is focused on free after school tutoring, distribution of school supplies, scholarship, coaching, career planning and community building initiatives across Togo. Today Baza education is operating in 17 antennas consisting of villages or localities spread across the country.

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