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14Backers$738.00raised of a $6,880.00 goalTime’s Up Hello, my name is Thato Mokhothu. I am a 23-year-old woman from Lesotho, and I need your help. Please help me fundraise my way to my graduate studies. I graduated in June 2017 with […]


Help me attend grad school: Freie Universität Berlin




raised of a $6,880.00 goal

Time's Up

Hello, my name is Thato Mokhothu. I am a 23-year-old woman from Lesotho, and I need your help. Please help me fundraise my way to my graduate studies.

I graduated in June 2017 with a bachelor of sciences degree in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience from Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. I graduated with a GPA of 1.60 out of 5.00 (where 1.00 is the best and 5.00 is the worst). In this school, I held various Teaching Assistant positions and at the same time managed to be an active member of the student body. I lead sports teams such as the Women’s Tug of War team for my residential college; I was president of the African Heritage Society in my second year and a performer in music bands for various campus events (including two graduation ceremonies). I was also selected Student of the Year 2017 in my residence for my devotion and service to student life and wellness.

I am passionate about neuroscience and the value it can bring to the health gaps in my country. Lesotho lacks the necessary education and expertise in neuroscience and neurology diagnostics and research, yet it faces numerous challenges with conditions such as schizophrenia, epilepsy and depression which run rampant especially among children and youth countrywide. Patients are frequently referred to specialists in South Africa for these. My ambition is to help develop the mental health sector of Lesotho by establishing a neuroscience research hub in my city, Maseru as well as to use research to understand and address the mental health problems of our continent. Currently, there are no institutions offering this course in my country or even in neighbouring countries, and this lack of knowledge is proving detrimental to the treatment of people who need help in this area. My mandate will be to return home with a skill that is much needed and to propagate it through education and awareness building and to ensure that the research we undertake is informative to people at the grassroots level.

When I graduated from Jacobs, I was already accepted into the UK’s best ranked Neuroscience Masters programs for entry in 2017. I had admissions from institutions such as Kings College London, Sussex University, Sheffield University, Newcastle University, Swansea University, University of Glasgow and the University College London. After careful thought, my top choice university became the University of Glasgow. Unfortunately, I did not receive funding from the Glasgow (Or any of the other schools that had admitted me) and was not able to enroll in the fall of 2017. I, therefore, deferred my enrollment to 2018 to enable me to have more time to apply for scholarships that would allow me to achieve my dream of pursuing a further degree. For about a month since June, this platform was dedicated to raising funds to go to University of Glasgow with a target amount of $33200, however, last week (Week of 20th July) I received an offer of admission from the Free University of Berlin for the Masters program in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN). I got very excited by this because it offers amazing quality of education with a lesser price tag. The costs are € 310 ($361) per semester (which I can afford), but the embassy requires proof of financial means to last 1 year to the value of € 8 700 ($10 120). This fundraiser is from now on dedicated to raising living expenses for Freie Universistät Berlin as it is more affordable and has a later starting date (thus hopefully giving it a better chance of being a successful campaign).

My family does not have the means to fund my education. We have one breadwinner that is currently supporting my sister through high school on loans, and throughout the year, I have had to work to help out with other needs in the household. My undergraduate degree itself was funded through a scholarship, and without it, I would not have been able to attend tertiary school. I have made numerous scholarship applications, some were external international funding programs, and others were school-based, but I have been unfortunate in this area hence my plea to have your support this time to help me further my education through a master’s program. The only education agency in the country (National Manpower Development Secretariat) has refused to assist me on the basis that they have no relationship with the German government. I am not discouraged in my journey though, because I believe in the good of people and I am convinced that with your support, I will make my target and finally go to school this year. Please donate any amount that you can to my campaign and help me spread the word to reach more people. Every bit helps.

At the moment, I have been able to save $ 4126 on my own and I need $6 880 more to make a total of $ 11 006 (This amount includes living expenses, flights and visas) in order to have the right amount to show to the embassy. Thank you in advance for your donations, for sharing my story with your world and taking me closer to my dreams.

I am also open to receiving loans of any amount from individuals and companies and working out the conditions in the case where you are unable to donate.

Please feel free to contact in case you have any questions. I am available on the following platforms:


watsapp: (+266)58145795 (M-Pesa enabled)

(+266) 69270022 (Ecocash enabled)

Skype: teedoz3

I will also have special ways to thank all of those who participate in this campaign as follows

Donors giving 10-100 dollars will receive a special thank you email.

Donors giving up 101- 500 dollars will receive a special thank you card.

For donations of 501-1000 dollars, you will receive a proudly Basotho T-shirt

For 1000 dollars and above, you will receive a special handmade Basotho national decorative/craft

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Many thanks!!!

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