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Hailing from a very large family, numbering up to 8 has been my greatest challenge. The size of my family, coupled with the low monthly income has been a constant creak to my educational life

Primary school education was as though as university education for me, not because it was tedious or difficult, but because finances didn’t ever show up, not ever when they were needed. My parents had to mind about schooling 6 children simultaneously, while feeding and housing them. Most at times, I would go through several classes without having completed the tuition fees, or even if I did so, it was seldom.

At a certain time along secondary school, I had to quit school for a year, only to get a job, raise money and pay for tuition. It was this or no school anymore. I had to sell boiled groundnuts by the roadside to pedestrians and other business people. It was a hell on earth for me, but I had no choice. For one complete year, while my classmates and peers went to school, I stayed at home, doing this.

Though conditions were this harsh for me, I was, and still am a very brilliant student. After making in in flying colors at the ordinary level, I equally aced it in the advanced level. I have always been dynamic such that though hard times may affect my performance, I always find a way to make it around them and to the top.

These leave me with potential, but no a means to tap it. My dreams to study computer engineering at the university might end up just what they are: dreams. I need your help to make these dreams a reality. I need a lot of money to be able to study this four year course at a good university abroad. University education will really do a great deal for me, unlocking and tapping my potentials, and deploying it to help my community.

Currently I have no hopes of attending college of any sort, due to total lack of funds by my parents. I have tried doing a business, but the money it has yielded is not even enough even to prepare application requirements for admission. I am left with no hope, and the dark tunnel seems to be too long that I might not see any light at its end…………………………………….

All my hopes are on YOU. All I have left is YOU. The probability or possibility of me attending university is all in your hands. I plead with you to help me, make me realize my dreams, and make an impact in my society and the word at large someday.

Every donation counts, and so does every dollar

Every penny

Every cent

Every franc

Every rand

And most of all, every kind heart counts.

I trust you to send me to college, because my education is now in your hands. Thank you.

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