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0Backer$0.00raised of a $6,700.00 goalTime’s Up STOP Violence against Girls in School project is established in the context of FEDA’s campaigning and advocacy work for girls’ rights to education, the Stop Violence Against Girls in School project, which intends to […]






raised of a $6,700.00 goal

Time's Up

STOP Violence against Girls in School project is established in the context of FEDA’s campaigning and advocacy work for girls’ rights to education, the Stop Violence Against Girls in School project, which intends to run from 2018 to 2019 is an ambitious initiative aimed at enabling girls to enjoy their rights to education and protection in violence free environments in Kazimia centre and neighboring villages/DRC.>>

In 2016, FEDA undertook an assessment on girls’ education across Kazimia and neighboring villages and found that violence and the fear of violence were among the key factors preventing girls from attending school and completing their education.

The assessment revealed that regardless of their age, race, class, caste or location girls were vulnerable to many forms of violence at school including rape, sexual harassment, intimidation, teasing and threats.

The impact of violence on girls’ education is significant and the findings demonstrated that the effects manifested themselves are low enrollment rates, poor performance, high drop-out rates, early pregnancy and marriage as well as psychological trauma.

FEDA believes that violence against girls in and around the learning environment, if left not addressed, will prevent the achievement of universal primary education and the elimination of gender disparities in education and have significant impact on the achievement of human development goals.

Therefore FEDA initiated this ambitious project entitled: Stop Violence against Girls in School, which sought to address the causes and consequences of violence against girls in Schools based in the area..

The overall goal of the project is to empower girls to enjoy their right to education and participation in a violence-free environment

This through the following objectives

1. To create Girls ‘clubs in schools, linking them to wider local and regional movements and gathering strong evidence.

2. Building campaigns and using mass communications.

3. To empower girls and make core duty-bearers accountable to enable the voices of girls as the most vulnerable group to be an integral part of decision-making spaces.

The strategy is the Girls’ clubs: (speaking up and speaking out) The main purpose of these clubs as a project intervention is to provide girls with a safe and welcoming space in which to learn about their rights, particularly their rights to protection and education, encouraging them to challenge stereotypes and broaden their horizons, as well as facilitating opportunities for them to speak. This through the following activities:

• Drama, songs and dances on the theme of GBV and girls’ rights

• Exchange visits between schools.

• Visits to out of school girls and their families to encourage girls to return to school.

• Engaging with the media to highlight issues related to GBV, girls’ education and protection.

• Taking part in campaigning and advocacy initiatives at local level including marches, conferences and meetings with decision-makers.

• Participating in training workshops on rights, life-skills and advocacy and communication skills

Expected results of this campaign include

1. Increased girls’ confidence to challenge the culture of violence in and around schools

2. Increased opportunities in changing teachers, school masters and boys’ attitudes to girls’ rights

3. Reduced violence against girls by family members, teachers and peers

4. Sensitized communities on matters concerning girls out of school including the school re-entry policy, early marriage and pregnancy.

5. Linked teachers to enhance in-schools girls’ knowledge of marriage, pregnancy and offer guidance through presentations and discussions in schools

6. The suspension of perpetrators of sexual abuse and harassment of pupils from school during investigations

7. Empowered girls hold decision-makers to account

The Stop Violence against Girls in School project will last for a period of 12 month from the date of the funds are raised. It will have the possibilities of extension each year to attend more schools in the region

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