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  • Help hope Village to take care of kids

    Hope Village is a small home that provide shelter Bby orphans with no parents, it was established last year in August 2017 and do far we only have 4 kids but with the funds we will be able to expand the home and bring in more kids. We are planning to build few classroom so we can prepare this children for childhood development.


    Rétablissement des toitures d’une éclos primaire

    C’est une école primaire situer à Zanguera non loin de la capitale ;

    Lors d’une excursion avec les camarades que nous avions découverts cette écoles ; qui est faite en paille d’herbe sans clôture qui dérange les élèves; et souffrent des problèmes de temperie:( la pluits et le soleil )

    Nous avions décidé avec les parents d’élèves de cette écoles de refaires les toiles pour que les élèves suivent les cours dans les bonnes conditions :

    Voicie les solutions trouvés à la fin de la réunion :

    Les parents d’élèves s’occuperont des mains d’œuvres au moments de la construitions.

    Mais nous avions besoins d’aides financiers pour payer ;les tôles , les planches, les clouts, et quelque ciment pour réaménager le sols:

    Voici nos Besoins:

    Planches 1unité = (12$) ×32 Totale =384$

    Tôles 1unité = 14$ ×40 Total = 560$

    Clouts 1kg = 6$ ×12 Total = 72$

    Ciment 1Uinte =8$ × 12 Total= 96$

    Imprévue 20$

    Prix Total = 1132$

    Orphans Vocational and Social Training Center CFPS-N needs your help!


    The Nogbedji Vocational and Social Training Center (CFPS-N) is a center created to train orphaned, abandoned, disabled and poor children, as well as victims of forced or early marriage, who are in the villages of Togo.


    As many of our students come from poor families, many have not attended school or have needed to drop out early. To overcome this problem, we have a classroom where we teach literacy and numeracy. The center teaches too labor legislation, micro-enterprise management, personal development and leadership to learners.In our Center, our students undergo 3 years of vocational training in trades such as: men’s and women’s sewing, embroidery, women’s hairstyling and baking.


    After the students have completed the three year program, they center looking for equipment to students to let them set up their own businesses in their home villages. These businesses help provide for their families and train other young people in their village. This allows our training to impact not only our students, but many communities throughout Togo


    Gold-Forth’s Farmers Network Fund


    Market demand for Soybean in Nigeria is around 2.2 million tons/year, while current annual production is between 500,000 to 600,000 metric tons. This is only about 25% of the 2.2 million tons demanded leaving a supply gap of about 75 %. This demand gap is being met by importation for which the country spends 225 Billion Naira annually (630 million dollars). (According to Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) Report on Grains Demand and Commodity Prices).

    The scenario above plays out in virtually every Nigerian agro commodity. A situation whereby, we are spending hard earned foreign currency to import agro commodities that can be easily produced locally.

    The irony is that Nigeria has got ALL what it takes to increase its agricultural production. We have abundant fertile land (76.2 million hectares – FAO/World Bank), we have the population/Work Force (Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, with population projected to reach 391 million by 2050. 93.2% of Nigerian are below 54 years – CIA World Factbook). Nigerians are hard-working and industrious. 75% of Nigerian rural dwellers are full-time farmers.

    However, despite being endowed with abundant natural resources and substantial agricultural potentials, Nigerian agricultural output is at less than 40% of her production capacity and bedeviled by enormous challenges including:

    • Smallholder/subsistence farming
    • Use of manual farm tools/methods
    • Lack of good access roads and adequate transport facilities
    • Lack of storage and/or processing facilities
    • High post-harvest losses (60%)
    • Lack of modern farm machines / techniques
    • Lack of standards or grading system
    • Lack of information about/access to markets and off-takers
    • Lack of value addition to primary agricultural products
    • Poor handling, packing and packaging

    It can be seen therefore, that the problem of Nigerian agriculture is not necessary that of production but of aggregation, distribution and linkage to markets and off-takers


    Gold-Forth Limited a “Not Only for Profit Company” and we intend to positioned ourselves to address the challenges facing farmers, processors, bulk buyers and exporters in supply chain management of agro commodities by setting up an initiative/project in 10 selected Nigerian States called Gold-Forth Farmers Network (GFFN).

    This initiative will link together the farmers, producers of agro inputs, government agencies, the financial sector and major processors and buyers etc.

    It will enable Gold-Forth to deliver high-quality agro products to the market value chain and encouraging more people to consider farming as a livelihood as well as increase the level of resources allocated to farming (Land, Labour, Capital etc.) thereby resulting in greater output.

    GFFN will be run through a partnership model, bringing together farmers, buyers and processors, Seedling Company, Fertilizer Company, Agro-Chemical Company, Agro Research Institutions, Technology Company, Financial Institutions and relevant Government Agencies.

    We have been talking and discussing about the problems of agriculture in Africa at seminars, talk-shows, conferences, workshops etc, the time for talk is over; now it’s time for action! Support our initiative, support the Nigerian farmers.

    Integrated School Management Application

    Whenever parents release their kids to go back to school, a number of studemts arrive late or never arrive the same day. Parents are unable to tell if thejr kids got to school safe and if not what happemed along the way. Some parents are also unaware of tge discipline status of their kids while at school. Further, failing students alter their report forms and take home fabricated results.

    The system seeks to offer the below functionalities:

    Clock in clock out using finger print or student card

    Instant short message to parent/ guardian in the event of student clock in clock out

    Parent mobile application for:

    -previewing student clock in clock out

    -student termly performance

    -direct communication to class teacher or school head via the mobile application

    -Preview of student disciplinary actions

    To the school head

    – centralized record management and top level reports of


    -non performance

    -financial status etc

    Support the idea and let us revolutionize our education system with technology


    Mivasocial, le plus grand réseau Social africain et l’ONG VILLE REFUGE au Bénin, soutenu par la Corporation BazaBaza, un organisme de bienfaisance ayant son siège aux États-Unis avec une branche au Togo ont lancé le 05 décembre 2017, la première édition de l’initiative “Beninvi Give Back”, un financement participatif pour nourrir les orphelins du Bénin pendant Noël 2017 et le nouvel an 2018.

    L’initiative « Beninvi Give Back » est une extension de celle du Togo dénommée “Togovi Give Back” qui en est déjà à sa 3ème édition cette année.

    Cette première au Bénin est motivée par les sollicitations venants d’autres pays d’Afriques dont le Bénin, basée sur des résultats qui, loin d’être une satisfaction, éclairent plutôt sur la grandeur des besoins exprimés par les bénéficiaires et la nécessité de penser aux orphelins car tout le monde est orphelin soit présent, soit futur.

    « Beninvi Give Back » a donc pour objectif de nourrir chaque année, tous les orphelins de tous les orphelinats le long du territoire béninois pendant les fêtes de Noël en organisant une fête avec les enfants dans chaque centre et/ou des distributions de vivres et cadeaux à ces derniers.

    (Voir ci-dessous le programme du déroulement de l’édition en cours)

    Pour ce faire, il est fait appel à chaque béninois(e), qu’il (elle) soit au Bénin ou dans la diaspora partout dans le monde à participer à cette première édition du Bénin en faisant une donation dont la collecte est lancée le 05 décembre 2017 pour nourrir pendant les fêtes de fin d’année, 300 orphelins avec un besoin de financement de 1.000.000 (Un Million) Francs CFA ( soit 1.793 $ US ).

    N’oubliez pas que vos dons sont 100% déductibles d’impôt si vous êtes aux États-Unis.

    La distribution des vivres aux orphelins sera couverte par la presse béninoise. Un rapport sera disponible sur le site le 02 janvier 2018.

    “Beninvi Give Back” est un combat de chaque béninois refusant la faim au Bénin en commençant par les plus marginalisés.

    J’apporte ma participation pour la fin de la faim au Bénin.


    • Nom: Orphelinat LA MAISON DE LA JOIE
      Lieu: Athiémé
      Contact : Pierre ASSOUTO (Président) + 229 95 92 88 11
      Date de la distribution: 22 décembre 2017
      Lieu: Tori-Bossito
      Contact : Pulchérie BOKO-GANHOUNSOUNOU (Fondatrice) + 229 97 99 12 91
      Date de la distribution: 24 décembre 2017
    • Nom: Centre Chrétien de Réhabilitation des Marginaux
      Lieu: Fifadji (Cotonou)
      Contact : Benjamin NARTEY (Directeur) + 229 97 47 43 93
      Date de la distribution: 31 décembre 2017
    • Nom: Centre d’Education et de Formation des Orphelins et Enfants Abandonnés
      Lieu: Houéyiho (Cotonou)
      Contact : Valérie FELIHO (Présidente) + 229 97 75 15 26
      Date de la distribution: 31 décembre 2017
      Lieu: Ménontin (Cotonou)
      Contact : Najoth MONGADJI (Président) + 229 94 91 70 55
      Date de la distribution: 31 décembre 2017

    Titre de l'ong amour

    Solar Powered Agro Pumps and Energy


    Project Overview

    Over 5,000,000 people or 300,000 households still lack access to electricity, mainly in the rural areas. This project aims to help people in rural Cameroon who are currently using fossil fuels for agro-processing and lighting, replace those energy products and services with clean, renewable energy in the form of solar mills and lighting systems. Most rural communities in Cameroon are dependent on kerosene and candles for lighting and on diesel or difficult manual labor for processing staple foods. Because of this they are often quite vulnerable to fluctuations in fuel prices or potential fuel shortages. This project helps to remove fossil fuel from the equation entirely when it comes to agro-processing, lighting and phone charging, thereby making the energy supply to rural area much greener and adding some stability to the lives of community members.

    To solve these problems, CAVOLA is proposing to roll-out community level demonstrations followed by installations of the innovative Solar Agro-Processing Power Stations and either solar minigrids or solar home systems. The roll-out will include at least 100 households, or 5 communities with 20-40 households each. This rollout will be paired with the offering of innovative PAYG financing that allows households to maintain payment structures similar to those they are currently using for energy products and services..

    The income from leasing the mills and pay as you go solar energy charges ensures financial viability, scaling up and replication in other communities

    Description of Main Project Activities




    Expected Results and Associated Indicators

    Product order

    Finalize mills to be ordered

    Demonstrate technologies to villages, collect orders

    Village survey results + draft Purchase Orders

    Product shipping and importing to main port, ready to install

    Shipping of mills to target country

    International shipping

    Import at main port

    Deliver to warehouse

    Bills of Lading + photos and docs proving receipt

    Domestic shipment, installation and first training

    Install all solar mills in target villages

    Ship to villages

    Install solar mills Provide first trainings

    Signed lease agreements with villagers + photos

    Workshops and webinars for results dissemination

    Share knowledge from project

    Local workshops

    Complete refinancing

    Attendance lists and photos for workshop; funds received from lender




    Cost (US$)

    Product order creation from village demand

    Finalize mills to be ordered


    Product shipping and importing to main port, ready to install

    Shipping of mills to target country


    Domestic shipment, installation and first training

    Install all solar mills in target villages


    Evaluation and crowd funding preparations to scale up intervention

    Check on operation and do refinancing


    Workshops and webinars for results dissemination

    Share knowledge from project


    Support for project management, reporting & closure

    Project management


    Project closure





    Reconstitution of mangroves on 2500 Hectares in southern Benin

    Dear friends and family, after an investigation on the vegetative aspect of the mangroves of southern Benin, the report is dramatic and concerns us all, sons and daughters of Benin, Africa and the whole world. After this unfortunate observation that reveals a blackcurrant total destruction of mangroves in southern Benin, and given our commitment to participate in the adaptation and mitigation of the adverse effects of climate change, also in the objective of achieving the objectives Sustainable Development (SDG), I can not help but think about how to bring our modest support to the reconstruction of this mangrove endangered very advanced …

    Benin is one of the countries that is suffering from the effects of climate change, despite the fact that it is not a gas emitter, the project Reforestation of 2,000,000 mangrove plants on Mivafunding is to provide a safe space for all people to help these surrounding populations in the southern part of Benin to the large mangrove reforestation campaign which has an estimated CO2 absorption capacity of 20% in the atmosphere and the NGO YOUTH SERVICE AFRICA (YSA) commits to change that. Your donation will save lives of the living people in this mangrove area.

    Did you know that for only $ 10 YOUTH SERVICE AFRICA (YSA) can buy a mangrove plant that will reduce the CO2 level in the atmosphere and intensify the plant cover of southern Benin? Join us by donating $ 1 for every hour that you (or a loved one) are at work. The environment is our common good and we must maintain it and protect it whatever our position on the land, hygiene and a healthy environment avoid disease, participate massively in this great reforestation campaign that will benefit all world.


    the nutritional health of 1000 children aged 0 to 05 and 250 pregnant women


    Malnutrition is one of the causes of child mortality in Africa, the Moringa project for the nutritional health of children on Mivafunding is to provide a safe space for children in the countryside and villages to access the dietary supplements that moringa oleifera , thousands of children are dying of vitamin deficiencies and the NGO YOUTH SERVICE AFRICA (YSA) is committed to changing this.


    Thousands of children in villages and rural areas are dying because of lack of vitamins in their diet. The infant-juvenile mortality rate (160 deaths per 1,000 births) means that 16% of children born die before their fifth birthday. This rate is also in the average of the rates calculated for the countries of sub-Saharan Africa studied. Malnutrition is an important factor of mortality in many young children. Even a child who suffers from moderate malnutrition can die.


    This project will provide village populations with:

    – The information necessary for the nutrition of children,

    – Educate families and mothers about how to associate moringa with children’s food and the nutrients they should look for children,

    – establishment of moringa oleifera units in each house,

    – To supply the populations in moringa powder, moringa seeds, oil, Savo, moringa biscuits, moringa, moringa capsules etc ….

    – Installation of a free distribution center for all products derived from moringa.

    Long-term impact

    The long-term impacts of the project are:

    – A population of 136,000 will be able to feed children with moringa,

    – 1000 mothers and 530 sensitized families will feed children with foods containing moringa nutrients,

    – Moringa oleifera units are installed in each house,

    – adoption usually to eat moringa leaves, moringa leaf powder, moringa seeds,

    – The populations participate in the free distribution center for all products derived from moringa.


    Help us feed orphanages of Togo on Christmas day

    Let’s Feed the orphans of Togo

    The holiday seasons are near and we kindly request your help to bring a hope to the orphans in Togo.

    While many kids in the world are longing for toys, the dream of Togolese orphans is a simple healthy hot meal the day of Christmas
    We would like you to help us achieve the end of the year’s goal by helping put a smile on the orphans’ faces.

    Every year (greatest Africa social network) and BazaBaza Corp, a 501 C 3, Not-for-Profit Organization, based in Tennessee, team up to give hope to children in Togo. This year, the 26 orphanages we have targeted for Christmas project will receive hot meals and gifts. This will be achievable with the help of all our great donors. In 2015 and 2016 we fed in total 46 orphanages, thanks to our kind donors who made that possible.

    While we have the Togolese community from the Diaspora engaged in this cause with us, the goal for the year is far to be attained. Strongly and kindly, we call upon your generosity to participate in the « Togovi Give Back » campaign by sponsoring the needs to feed the 26 orphanages in Togo for Christmas 2017.

    The ultimate goal is to raise a minimum of $ 4,000.00 by December 20th 2017.

    • $2 will feed 1 orphan
    • $226 will feed 1 orphanage.

    Please remember that your donations are 100% tax deductible if you are in the U.S.A. To see more of our activities please go to

    “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” : Mother Teresa

    Thank you for your support.



    Supportez les initiatives de la SVUAC

    Faites vos dons pour supporter les initiatives et projets du Service des Volontaires de l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi.

    Former & Entreprendre

    Créé en janvier 2013 et placé sous la coordination du Professeur Euloge OGOUWALE, le SVUAC permet chaque année à plusieurs centaines d’étudiants licenciés de l’UAC de mettre en valeur, dans le monde professionnel et pendant 10 mois, leur potentiel scientifique et social avec l’ambition de contribuer au développement national par l’investissement humain et l’amour du travail.

    Le SVUAC vise à développer chez les étudiants, les capacités professionnelles pratiques, le sens de la responsabilité individuelle, l’amour et le plaisir dans le travail.

    Préparer le futur

    Plus de vingt-trois mille (23 000) étudiants sortent des Universités nationales chaque année avec une licence sans une réelle compétence. Cet état de chose est source de peines tant bien pour les parents que pour les étudiants qui sont souvent inquiets pour leur avenir après les études.

    Le SVAUC s’est fixé pour objectif global, de contribuer au renforcement des capacités des nouveaux diplômés de l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi et de les accompagner à mettre en valeur leur potentiel scientifique et social à partir de l’Université pour l’après Université.

    Visitez notre site pour en savoir plus de nos initiatives.

    La SVUAC

    Aider Paul à aller en Afrique

    600 dollars, that's what I need to go to the African countries I want to know. I need a place to sleep and eat. But for the trip, it would be all the money.
    Moi à mon lit

    Projet de réhabilitation de mini restaurant : « BAR Mon Seigneur » de BARRIGAH-BENISSAN Tété Guindua

    Ce projet de mini restaurant baptisé : « Bar Mon Seigneur » est une initiative du jeune togolais BARRIGAH-BENISSAN Tété Guindua domicilié à Adidogomé, Lomé-Togo.

    Après des investigations en tenant compte de ses modestes moyens, le jeune entrepreneur togolais se lance dans la restauration pour en faire un véritable commerce de prise en charge à l’avenir ainsi qu’à la subvention de sa famille.

    Monsieur Tété est passé entre autre par LOGISCORP-TOGO (entreprise spécialisée dans le commerce général export-import) pour maîtriser la gestion dans son ensemble.

    L’intéressé a également suivi en 2013 une formation en création et gestion de Micro entreprise; ce qui lui donne les aptitudes nécessaires pour la gestion minutieuse de ce projet qui demande un appui financier en vue d’être compétitif.

    Le coût global pour la réalisation de ce projet s’élève à 2 664 443 FCFA et les moyens à la disposition de ce jeune entrepreneur n’ont permis qu’à louer un cadre modeste; une entité Yokoè-Agblégan(Adidogomé) qui pour le moment ne répond pas exactement aux exigences de ses clients actuels et futurs.

    Nous vous disons d’avance un sincère merci pour le soutien manifesté à son endroit

    Possible aussi de le contacter aux : (00228) 91 89 30 28 / 96 35 31 87 LOME – TOGO


    Help Raise Money to fund the production of bio spirulina

    I am a young ambitious and conscious of the situation facing many people in the world and in my country in particular. I would like to make my contribution to save from malnutrition and strengthening the immunity to prevent disease or to accompany recovery. then I plan production of bio spirulina known for its nutritional substances and those to bring help to many people especially children of low income families . I just found this wonderful seaweed and I had the instant desire to cultivate. my project also takes into account the baby boiled manufacturing based on a banana fruit encased fortifying substance and plain vitamin necessary for proper infant growth .

    je suis un jeune ambitieux et soucieux de la situation que vivent nombre de personnes dans le monde et dans mon pays en particulier. je voudrais apporter ma contribution à sauver de la malnutritions et le renforcement de l’immunité pour prévenir les maladies ou pour accompagner le rétablissement . alors j’ai le projet de production de la spiruline bio connu pour ses substances nutritionnelles et ceux pour apporter de l’aide à beaucoup de personne surtout les enfants des familles à faible revenu. Je viens de découvrir cette merveilleuse algue et j’ai eu le désir instantané de la cultiver. aussi mon projet prend en compte la fabrication de bouilli de bébé à base de banane une fruit bardé de substance fortifiante et plain de vitamine nécessaire pour la bonne croissance du nourrisson.


    #GivingTuesday 2017 to end class retention and school dropout in Africa

    Join Baza the #GivingTuesday movement on November 28, a day dedicated to giving back. Being part of a great tradition online of generosity.

    What your #GivingTuesday 2 017 donation means to Baza Education

    The main goal for implementing the after free school tutoring programs is to alleviate student’s multi retention in the same class, loss of interest for going to school especially with the girls and students coming from poor family. In Togo’s education system, student can be retained in the same class at least for two years or more. Therefore many children are left behind in the academic process. The education system is set up in way that student has to perform well in all subjects in order to pass an exam.
    Togo’s education system is no longer able to meet the expectations of the majority of the students and the teachers at any level. It causes some student to drop out of school.
    This situation affects obviously the parents who are wasting resources same as the government.

    Making a monthly gift to Baza Education as little as $5 a month—can help pay for a private tutor that will help our students pass their classes with honor.

    • $5 will pay for 1 tutor per class
    • $10 will pay for 2 tutors per class
    • $20 will pay for 1 Coordinator per month
    • $50 will pay for 10 tutors per class
    • $100 will pay for a scholarship for 1 street kid per a year

    We have 115 tutors on rotation and 15 coordinators on payroll serving in 15 Villages in Togo. Baza Education uses this program to also solve graduates unemployment in the country by training and transforming unemployed university graduates into capable paid passionate teachers to help tutor these kids. Baza Coordinators are retired teachers and educators that provide guidance and counsel to younger tutors. These retired professors and educators help pass the torch to a vibrant new generation. We also have 105 street kids on our scholarship program since 2013.

    We will send you a quarterly report about how we use your monthly giving.
    Together we are changing lives one child at the time.


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